Clyde 1904 & 1905 Albums

The handicap class waiting for a start as seen from Hunter’s Quay.

Clyde Yacht Racing 27 June 2021

We have recently acquired two photograph albums containing stunning images of yacht racing on the Clyde in 1904 and 1905. These appear to have been commissioned as a record of these two years and all the images are by H. W. Corry. The quality of the images is superb, but this is not a photographer that we have heard of before and we would be grateful for any information on this artist.

The range of images is particularly interesting as it covers the top racing yachts of these two seasons as well as indigenous classes, attendant steam yachts, visiting yachts and general regatta scenes. Together, the images provide a very contextualised record of two Edwardian racing seasons where William Fife and Alfred Mylne were vying for supremacy.


The 1905 Alfred Mylne designed 52 Linear Rater Britomart.

Of the local classes the 19/24ft class are represented with images of the Mylne-designed Lorelei and the Fife Tresta ex Ulidia. Reflecting their importance on the Clyde, the 30ft Linear Raters are particularly well represented with images of Lilian, Mikado, Vladimir, Thetis, and Great Auk. Of the larger Linear Raters there are stunning images of the 52-footer Britomart and 65-footer Zinita.

Peter Coats’ Zara presiding over the Royal Largs Yacht Club Regatta in 1905.


Thetis was one of Alfred Mylne’s designs for the 30 foot class in an enduring rivalry with William Fife.

In the handicap classes Fife’s peerless White Heather is featured along with South Coast visitors Merrymaid and Adela. Of the steam yachts there are great images of the Watson-designed Zara and Queen of Scots owned respectively by Peter and William Coats.

We hope that with further information it may be possible to put these photographs into a more complete context.


Built alongside Lilian, Mikado still survives and is a regular visitor to the Clyde for the Fife Regatta.